Dips & spreads

ID(4kg): 10139 (32oz): 44019

Artichoke & Asiago Dip

A delightful mix of tender artichokes and tangy Asiago cheese.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Paninis – Pasta Salad – Flat Breads

ID(4kg): 10002

Baba Ganouj

Smoky roasted eggplant mixed with a lemony tahini blend.

Serving suggestions:

Appetizer – Wraps/ Sandwiches – Potato Wedges – Fries

ID(6x32oz): 44026

Chipotle Aioli

A tangy and creamy aioli, with a unique spice mix and the delightful kick of chipotle.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Paninis – Wraps – Fries – Flat Breads – Burgers

ID(2×2.5kg): 42024

Crab & Three Cheese Dip

A blend of cream cheese, Asiago and Cheddar mixed with delicate crab.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Tortilla Chips – Flat Breads – Pasta – Omelet

ID(2×2.5kg): 42007

Creamy Garlic Dill Dip

Delicious garlic-flavoured spread with the essence of fresh dill.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Wraps – Burgers – Tortilla Chips – Fries – Wings

ID(4kg): 10005

Eggplant Dip

Smooth and creamy eggplant spread with a smoky finish.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Flat Breads – Veggies – Meat – Crostini’s

ID(6x32oz): 44006

Honey Mustard Bacon Spread

A savour delicious blend of honey, mustard and bacon.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Wraps – Burgers – Wedges – Fries – Chips

ID(6x32oz): 8083

Lebanese Style Garlic Paste

Creamy, delightfully textured spread with a strong garlic flavour and a hint of lemon.

Serving suggestions:

Shawarma Meat – Wraps – Grilled Meats – Potatoes

Maple Siracha Aioli

Our robust Aioli combines Siracha Sauce, Mayo Dressing and finished with maple syrup.

Serving suggestions:

Sandwiches – Wraps – Eggs – Dip

Muffuletta Mayo

Creamy mayo spread with the tanginess of Kalamata and green olives finished in a spicy note.

Serving suggestions:

Sandwiches – Crackers – Dip – Chips – Pasta Salad

ID(4kg): 42030

Roasted Red Pepper Dip

A Mediterranean style dip blended with roasted red peppers and sweet sun-dried tomatoes.

Serving suggestions:

Pizza – Sandwiches – Pasta – Omelet

ID(6x32oz): 44000

Sun-Dried Tomato & Parmesan Dip

Savoury sun-dried tomatoes and the tanginess of parmesan cheese.

Serving suggestions:

Burgers – Dip – Fries – Wraps – Flat Breads – Omelet

White Kidney Bean & Parmesan Dip

Creamy white bean dip flavoured with garlic, nutty parmesan cheese.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Chips – Veggies – Scrambled Eggs – Wraps

ID(4kg): 1009 (2×2.5kg): 42012 (10kg): 10025


The most classic of Greek Dips Рmade with wholesome Greek Yogurt, fresh pur̩ed garlic and the cooling finish of refreshing cucumber gives this multi-purposed dip and endless list of possible use.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Sandwiches – Wraps – Tacos – Flat Breads – Grilled Meats – Grilled Pita Bread – Crackers – Burgers


Artichoke Dip

Tender artichokes complimented with a rich herbed mixed mayo base fused with garlic.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Flat Breads – Pizza – Pasta Salad

Black Bean Dip

Black beans, tomatoes and lime juice with a subtly fiery kick and just touch sweetness.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Wraps – Burgers – Burritos – Veggies – Nachos – Eggs

ID(3kg): 10153 (900g): 20028 (32oz): 44003

Chipotle Feta Spread

A creamy feta cheese spread spiced up with the incredible taste of chipotle.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Flat Breads – Omelet – Sandwich – Wraps

ID(6x32oz): 44002

Creamy Garlic Aioli

Creamy mayo dressing spread with a tangy vinegar potency that is highlighted with a garlic tone.

Serving suggestions:

Flat Breads – Dip – Burgers – Wraps – Sandwiches – Fries

ID(6x32oz): 44027

Creamy Roasted Garlic Aioli

Smooth, creamy and delicious aioli enhanced with roasted garlic and hints of real peppercorns.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Wraps – Sandwiches – Flat Breads – Fries – Pasta Salad

Feta &  Olive Spread

Two classic Mediterranean flavours infused together, vibrant Kalamata olives with feta cheese.

Serving suggestions:

Grilled Meats – Meatballs – Veggies – Grilled Bread

ID(4kg): 10157

Kalamata Olive Tapenade

Rich, luscious spread showcasing the goodness of green and southern Kalamata olives.

Serving suggestions:

Pasta Salad – Grilled Fish – Sandwich – Crostini’s – Pita Breads

ID(2.5kg): 42006 (3.5kg): 70024

Maple BBQ Aioli

Our unique BBQ sauce enhanced with our delicious maple syrup in a creamy mayo base.

Serving suggestions:

Burgers – Wraps – Dip – Wedges – Fries – Pretzels

Mixed Olive Antipasto

A colourful mix of Kalamata and green olives infused with garlic, various herbs and spices.

Serving suggestions:

Appetizer – Meats & Cheese – Crostini’s – Salads

ID(6x32oz): 44022

Roasted Red Pepper Cream Cheese Spread

Cream cheese spread with roasted red peppers with herbs and spices.

Serving suggestions:

Panini’s – Wraps – Dip – Pasta – Veggies – Chips

ID(4kg): 10117

Spicy Feta Dip

A traditionally Greek spread with our spice mix, with a touch of sweet roasted red peppers.

Serving suggestions:

Burgers – Grilled Meats – Pasta Salad – Omelet – Wraps

Sweet Chili Thai Mayo

A deliciously sweet and spicy sauce with a unique Thai twist in our creamy luxurious mayo base.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Fried Apps – Sandwiches – Burgers – Fries – Wraps

ID(2×2.5kg): 42002

Spinach, Artichoke & Goat Cheese Dip 

Our most versatile and best-selling dip! Tangy goat cheese masterfully blended with real spinach and tender artichoke hearts.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Chips – Pretzels – Crackers – Puff Pastry – Flat Breads – Omelet – Stuffed Chicken – Burgers – Sandwiches – Wraps – Paninis

ID(4kg): 10008


A classic Greek appetizer made of savoury carp roe, breadcrumbs finished with a lemony essence.

Serving suggestions:

Appetizer Dip – Grilled Pita Bread – Flat Breads




ID(4kg): 10011 (5kg): 43008 (11kg): 10026 (6x32oz): 44015

Original Hummus

Our hummus is blended with fresh chickpeas, tahini, lemon and the perfect amount of garlic.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Sandwiches – Wraps – Crackers – Pretzels – Veggies

ID(11kg): 10027

Roasted Rep Pepper Hummus

Perfectly roasted red bell peppers added to our signature classic Hummus for a Mediterranean twist.

Serving suggestions:

App Dip – Pita Bread – Wraps – Sandwich – Panini’s – Pasta

Spicy Hummus

We spiced it up by joining together red chilli peppers, garlic and our secret blend of herbs and spices.

Serving suggestions:

App Dip – Crackers – Veggies – Sandwiches – Wraps – Panini’s


Herbed Hummus

Our classic hummus recipe and heightened it with only the best herbs of the Mediterranean.

Serving suggestions:

Dip – Shawarma – Veggies – Pita – Naan – Wraps – Sandwiches

Roasted Garlic Hummus

Beginning with our original Hummus, finely roasted garlic is added to entice your taste buds!

Serving suggestions:

App Dip – Pita Breads – Pasta – Sandwiches – Panini’s – Wraps




ID(2×2.5kg): 42001

Alfredo Sauce

A Creamy rich parmesan cheese sauce made with real cream and butter.

Serving suggestions:

Fettuccine – Chicken – Steamed Veggies – Pizza

ID(3.5kg): 41004 (2.5kg): 42031

Mint Chutney

Savoury chutney with a unique mix of herbs.

Serving suggestions:

Sandwiches – Salad – Pork Dish

Cranberry Sauce

Perfect for glazing meats or for mixing with whipped cream or yoghurt for delightful dessert.

Serving suggestions:

Meat – Side Dish – Wraps – Sandwiches

Honey Garlic Sauce

This thick garlic sauce sweetened with honey and brown sugar

Serving suggestions:

Chicken Wings – Ribs – Shrimps

ID(5x1kg): 43010

Sweet Chilli Thai Sauce

A deliciously sweet and spicy sauce with a unique Thai twist.

Serving suggestions:

Spring Rolls – Crispy Shrimp – Pizza

ID(2×2.5kg): 42032

Vodka Pasta Sauce

A unique, tomato-based pasta sauce with our delightful herb & spice mixture and quality vodka.

Serving suggestions:

Pizza – Pasta


ID(2×2.5kg): 71007

Alfredo Sauce Five Cheese Blend

Our wonderful five cheese mix with our creamy Alfredo sauce.

Serving suggestions:

Pasta – Pizza

ID Turkey (2×2.5kg): 71023

Beef/ Chicken/ Turkey Gravy

Delicious, juicy gravies with just the right amount of spice.

Serving suggestions:

Meat – Mashed Potatoes – Fries – Pot Pies

ID(2×2.5kg): 42000

Homestyle Marinara Sauce

Thick, delicious tomato based sauce.

Serving suggestions:

Pasta – Meat Dishes – Nachos – Dip

Basil Pesto ID(6x32oz): 44021 Sun Dried Tomato Pesto ID(4kg): 10016 (6x32oz): 44020

Variety of Pestos such as:

  • Basil Pesto made with fresh basil and parsley and the tanginess of parmesan and Romano cheeses.
  • Sun-Dried Tomato pesto mixed with a carefully balanced herb and spice blend.

Serving suggestions:

Pasta – Pizza – Flatbreads – Salad

Sweet And Sour Sauce

An excellent, traditional sweet and sour sauce.

Serving suggestions:

Meatballs – Rice – Tempura




Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressings

A delicious tangy vinaigrette mixed using oil and balsamic vinegar infused with garlic and spices.

Serving suggestions:

Salads – Meat Marinade – Seafood Marinade

ID(5×1.05kg): 43003

Creamy Garlic Caesar Dressing

Creamy and Full with fresh garlic and grated Parmesan cheese Flavour.

Serving suggestions:

Salads – Flat Breads – Fried Apps – Chicken Marinade – Veggies

Italian House Dressing

A robust Mediterranean Style salad dressing made of a Vinegar base infused with our herbs and spices.

Serving suggestions:

Salads – Meat Marinade – Seafood Marinade


Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Smooth and creamy ranch flavoured dressing that is cool, fresh, tangy with a Buttermilk and garlicky tone.

Serving suggestions:

Salads – Dip – Veggies – Burgers – Pizza – Fish

Creamy Greek Salad Dressings

We skilfully combine fresh garlic, oregano and other Mediterranean style herbs and spices to create this dressing sensation.

Serving suggestions:

Salads – Wraps – Dips – Veggies




Garlic Based Products

  • Chopped Garlic in Oil; ID(4.6kg): 70005
  • Garlic Puree
  • Pickled Garlic
  • Roasted Garlic Puree; ID(5x1kg): 43005
  • Garlic Spread; ID(11lt): 10104; ID(4.5lt): 10162