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“Mixture of dough is a matter of technique. However, its flavour demands three key ingredients: Artistry, Quality and Love.

Greece is a gourmet journey on its own, renowned globally for its traditional recipes and overall for its food culture, a typical example of the Mediterranean diet.

Fundamental characteristics of this diet are traditional Greek pies produced by our company, made with domestic raw materials and Greek temperament.”

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Traditional Spinach – Feta Cheese Pie – Tray

Traditional Feta Cheese Pie – Tray

Spinach – Cheese Spirals – Individual

Feta Cheese Spirals – Individuals

Bougatsa – Custard Filled Pie – Individual

Cheese Pie Round – Individual

Kaseropita Net – Yellow Cheese Pie – Individual

Traditional Pie Triangular – Spinach Cheese

Traditional Pie Triangular – Yogurt – Feta Cheese

Traditional Cheese Pie – Mini

Traditional Spinach & Cheese Pie – Mini

Traditional Mediterranean Pie – Mini

Traditional Greek Yogurt – Cheese Blend Pie – Mini

Traditional Bougatsa Pie – Mini